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At Nestlé Waters North America, our portfolio is composed of many leading bottled waters, representing both domestic and imported brands.

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Our regional brands include:



It is believed that Native Americans discovered some of these springs high in the San Bernardino Mountains after following a rock formation in the shape of an arrowhead. Today, Arrowhead© Brand Mountain Spring Water comes from natural mountain spring sources in the United States and Canada.

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In the late 1800s, Sam Brannon founded the town of Calistoga in hopes that its mineral waters would make it the Saratoga of California. One night, when the champagne was flowing, he made a slip of the tongue and toasted to the Calistoga of Sarifornia – and the name Calistoga stuck!

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Deer Park

Deer Park

People came from far and wide to drink the pure water at Deer Park—including President William Taft and his new bride, who spent their honeymoon at the Deer Park Hotel in 1886. Today, Deer Park© Natural Spring Water comes from several carefully selected springs.

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Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain© Brand Natural Spring Water is crisp-tasting and "Pure As The Driven Snow©." It is the local favorite of Midwesterners.

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Legend has it cowboys enjoyed Ozarka© Natural Spring Water during dusty cattle drives at the turn of the last century.

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Poland Spring

Poland Spring

In the 19th century, Poland Spring was a world-renowned spa. Today, Poland Spring© is the region's number-one natural spring water brand.

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Zephyrhills© Natural Spring Water was born of the ocean. Tens of thousands of years ago, Florida was under water. As sea levels lowered, its mineral-rich limestone bedrock remained, creating a natural filter for groundwater to flow through. Today, Zephyrhills comes from carefully selected springs in Florida.

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Brands available nationally in the United States and in Canada through Nestlé Waters Canada include:

Nestlé© Pure Life©

Nestlé© Pure Life©

This brand offers both purified water enhanced with a blend of minerals for taste and natural fruit flavored water beverages that come with a splash of natural fruit flavors.

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Brands available nationally in Canada through Nestlé Waters Canada include:



Canadians enjoy the cool refreshment of Montclair© Bottled Water year-round. It’s available in both still and sparkling varieties.

Vittel© Natural Spring Water

Vittel© Natural Spring Water

Vittel© Natural Spring Water [] Bottled in the town of Vittel in the Vosges region of France, Vittel has been a favorite water brand of consumers for over 150 years.

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Brands that we import include:

Acqua Panna© Natural Spring Water

Acqua Panna© Natural Spring Water

Legend has it that Romans built the only road from Northern to Southern Italy through Scarperia. This road went past the Acqua Panna spring, which provided deserved refreshment to weary travelers.

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Contrex© Natural Mineral Water

Contrex© Natural Mineral Water

Contrex comes from a world renowned spa in France called Contrexéville, and was first promoted by King Louis XV’s doctor.

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Perrier© Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Perrier© Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

There really was a person named Perrier. It was Dr. Perrier, a dedicated physician, who promoted what he believed were the restorative properties of the spring water and marveled at the unique, sparkling taste experience.

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San Pellegrino© Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

San Pellegrino© Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Leonardo da Vinci was an early connoisseur of the virtues of the water that springs forth not far from Bergame in a steep-walled valley of the Italian Alps. Three centuries later, the Palazzolo family built a spa around the spring. And that's how the history of San Pellegrino began.

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